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Tým Eklen

The Sound is Us

Empathize with the feelings of others. That is our task. The express emotions with sound ability gives us a strong relationship with the visuals.

We make sound different. We realize ideas, be immersive and amaze. We make sound to be written in the heads of new generations. We are Eklen Sounds.


Kontaktní zvuk

Location Sound

Zvukový design

Sound Design

Postsynchronní ruchy

Foley Recording

Péče o nahrávky

File Care

Výroba SFX

Sound Effect Libraries

Zvukový mix

Mix and Mastering

Our work

What we have brought to happy end

Narušitel (2018)

Feature film NARUŠITEL (2019)

Conplete sound

Reklama R-SHIELD (2018)

Commercial R-SHIELD (2018)

Location Sound, Sound Effects, Ambiences

Meta Businnes Makeover (2021)

Meta Businnes Makeover (2021)

Complete Sound

MAKRO alkohol měsíce - whiskey Koval (2018)

MAKRO drink of the month (2018)

Location Sound



Location Sound

KAZMA at Work - Cinema City (2018)

KAZMA at Work - Cinema City (2018)

Location Sound

Česko platí kartou (2021)

Commercial Česko platí kartou (2021)

Complete Sound

Commercial Srovnejto.cz (2021)

Commercial Srovnejto.cz (2021)

Audio Editing, Sound Mixing

The Team

Marek "Bert" Fuchs

Production Sound Mixer | Re-Recording Mixer | Sound Editor

Hello! I am self-educated filmmaker with more than ten years of experience in A/V industry. I love dialogue recording and mixing. My best goal is custom electronics and accesories engineering. I stands for sound lead in the Eklen Sounds and representing it.

Ondřej "Walker" Coufal

Field Recordist | Sound Designer | IT Specialist

Nice to meet you. I am Bert's right hand. I love advanced music study, nature soundscape, electronic sound designing along eurorack modulars and more. I have more than ten years in computer based applications, diagnostics and formats. Mostly stands as a begineer boom operator, or intermediate field recordist.

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